Sunday, December 31, 2006

What are you doing for New Year?

It's NYE and I have no plans yet; no matter because I have ordered my new PC!

As a result I will be able to post more blogs etc, cos this current PC really struggles with editing pictures and opening multiple windows. Plus, I've signed up to the new Blogger which seems to be a wee bit slicker from first impressions (I'll reserve judgement though)

But this all poses the million-quid question: What do I do with my old PC?

I bought my current PC (the one I am typing on right now) Easter 2001, when I was living in a rented house atop cliffs overlooking the north sea (now a holiday home!). I needed it to keep me sane, because although admittedly beautiful, it was incredibly cold there and I needed to excerise my fingers to keep warm...

I kept the old PC (bought in 1995) as back-up, in case anything ever happened to the new one. I then moved house the following December, and again two years later. I have been in this latest house for three years, and I STILL HAVE THE FIRST PC!!!!!

The floppy drive doesn't work; which is why when I got this one I had to create a second email account, to post all my files over that I wanted to keep (this was before USBs and when CD-writers cost ££££'s) - the memory capacity was tiny, the monitor has long since been donated to charity (was the size of my mouse-mat). I also donated the external modem and floppies. I'll hopefully offload it to someone who can plant flowers in it or something.

So anyway I reckon I am about due a new PC - I have been very good and it was a good price in the sales, and it has been almost 5 years.

Now... there is nothing wrong with this PC - testament to my careful surfing and non-gaming ways no doubt - so I am going to try and persuade someone to take it from me. Someone who hasn't got one - which these days means someone who doesn't want one.... hmmm might be a bit tricky this one ...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Magic Numbers, Newcastle 01 Dec 2006

We went to see the Magic Numbers last night, in the Northumbrian University Students Union venue. We were quite looking forward to it, having played the first album a lot and missed out on their first tour.

I bought the second album and after having it a while and only playing it a few times I realised we might have missed the boat a bit...

When we eventually found somewhere to park and got inside, the first battle was to get a drink which we knew immediately would be our one and only chance for refreshment as it took so fecking long to get served.

The room was large but hot and packed full, which should have been a great atmosphere but it was also Friday night and standing only, so psychologically I was already tired.

The band played fantastically well, note-perfect and sounded just like the album.

On the down-side, the band played fantastically well, note-perfect and sounded just like the album... however the girl playing the bass was fantastic! She thrashed her hair about and rocked as if she loved it... great stuff... and it's always good to see people in the flesh.

They did a version of Running up That Hill which was worth hearing (I think everyone's done a version of this now) but after that I got sick of the view of the posh blonde tart pouting right in front of me, so we left and headed up to Berwick.

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