Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whithorn Bead Pendant

Whithorn Bead Pendant
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We visited Whithorn on Easter Sunday. There were lots of visitors there enjoying the view or the history ... I was doing this too of course but I was strangely drawn to the pebbles on the beach ...

I think this one is some sort of mudstone. There are some glints of quartz in the brown but it needed brightened up.

I used some terracotta beads from a necklace I bought in Lockerbie charity shop, with peyote stitching. I was going to add some embellishments but after wearing it on a simple bit of leather I can say that it does feel finished, and very nice the play with ;-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Rock Art Necklace

As part of a colourway challenge on the Bead Buddies forum, I chose to use some bits & bobs I had lying around but hadn't found a good home for yet.

The rock art motif disc is from a shop in the Kilmartin Museum - I have another as a keyring!!

The little white stone discs were part of a bracelet I bought during my trip to Capri - a cheap elasticated number which lasted about two days before snapping - I made sure I picked up all the beads though ...

The plain white star-shaped and crinkle beads were part of a necklace I bought years and years ago from a carboot sale.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

And the Winner of Most Appropriate Acronym is .....

British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons - BAAPS


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pigs and a Plane

During my lunch break yesterday I drove a couple of miles north to a place I've found next to a field with pigs in it - they are quite entertaining. There's about 4-5 in there but they are usually spread out and rooting and digging about with their snouts.

I had my camera with me and when a plane went overhead I snapped that too. This was quite close to the brand new Stephen's Croft Power Station which was due to be opened that day by the First Minister for Scotland Alex Salmond..... I thought I would see some interesting activity there but alas all I got was this lousy plane.

Anyone know what sort it is?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

10,000 holes in Silloth, Cumbria

Or at least one big one. Have you seen this picture?? It's amazing what the sea can do!

(from the bbc website)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rowantree's Pinktastic Brooch

This arrived in the post for me today - isn't it fab?!?!

Thanks Rowan!!

Simon's Cat

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I love Northumberland

I have a very special relationship with Northumberland. It was my home for two years and during that time I made a deliberate attempt to make the most of my time there, and it made a great impact.

My desire was to move away from Cumbria to get an outsider's perspective; to try to appreciate what others see in it - but instead I ended up loving somewhere else - although in a different way. After all, I have never managed to forget that Cumbria is who I am.

Cumbria, and Carlisle, to me is like loving family because you have to - there are bits I am bored with, places that make me feel safe, and areas I know intimately like the back of my hand. I take it for granted and I treat it flippantly ignoring all those people that might be envious. Cumbria provides memories of childhood and of course contains places that will always be "home".

But when I lived in Northumberland it was like being on a gorgeous relaxing holiday that lasted years. The wildlife and climate feel different - not too much but just enough. The light comes from a different direction, somehow. I think it has to do with being on the opposite side of the same geographic coin - the sea is on the other side, and so is the land. It's as if my magnetic poles get swapped round.

I spent a lot more time deliberately exploring Northumberland itself, as opposed to it being a place travelled through to get somewhere else. Even now, Northumberland is close enough to be visited often and quickly, and is always beautiful whatever the weather.

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