Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Things

It's been ages, I know. So I thought I'd post this thing sent to me via Facebook - you know the deal, tell me about yourself etc. Here are 25 fairly random things about me.

1. My favourite TV programmes (in no particular order) are currently Dexter, My Name is Earl, Come Dine with Me, Time Team, QI, HIGNFY, "Period Drama Shit" (as B calls it), Family Guy & American Dad, Spooks, The News (BBC or C4), Wildlifey programmes.

2. I've just had my first Pilates class

3. I've never seen a dead person but I've never seen a live badger

4. I've lived in this house 5 years and only redecorated the bathroom.

5. I have a mock standing stone in the garden

6. The "My photos" folder on my PC is 51GB - all backed up but I can't bring myself to press delete

7. I've got an old Casio scientific calculator that my Dad bought on 21st May 1981 from Curry's in Carlisle, for £19.95. I know this because it still has the receipt and little booklet with it. It still works (slowly)

8. Most people think my favourite colour is pink, but it's just convenient. It's really a particular shade of blue-grey or grey-blue, but it's hard to describe. Nor can you easily get pyjamas in it.

9. I like wind turbines. Even in unspoilt landscapes.

10. I like high-up places but can't look down over a cliff or my legs turn to jelly.

11. I once went on a Granny's bus trip to Italy. £350 for a fortnight, half board? Damn right! I was the youngest on the bus my quite a bit ...

12. One of my pet hates is toilet brushes.

13. I don't follow a religion but have respect for those who do - I'm simply far too cynical. I'll probably start panicking when I'm about 90, although I don't really expect to live beyond 60.

14. I met B through an internet dating site - he moved in after two days, almost 4 years ago :-)

15. I do enjoy a good sneeze. Preferably from pepper though, not a cold.

16. I hate liars. The worst, most evil sorts of people are the type that talk bullshit but believe it all. It makes me very frustrated and I've had to develop a coping mechanism so I don't end up smacking them around the face.

17. On my bookshelf beside me I have a copy of "500 Bus Stops" on video by John Suttleworth. I no longer possess a VCR but can't throw this away because it's not mine, I borrowed it years ago and have lost touch with the person so here it stays.

18. I hate waste, by that I mean I hate to see things disposed of before reaching their complete potential. That's why I have 50+ used jiffy bags here.

19. I download songs for free. So there. I justify this by saying I only listen to them on the PC, and that's the same as hearing them playing online, right?

20. I started an Open University geology course twice cos I fancied it, but never got past the first book. I seemed to get on better with calculus and organic chemistry... got my degree after 10 years, presented by Betty Boothroyd. Forgotten almost all of it now, of course.

21. The first time I got properly drunk I was 26.

22. I like the idea of reading books but don't because I find it hard work. I can never find a comfortable position to hold the book, then it takes concentration I simply don't posess. Although, I could quite happily study a map for hours.

23. I own a stuffed-toy representation of a flesh-eating bacteria streptococcus pyogenes. It's red and has a little knife and fork.

24. I have a massive 1:500000 map of Scotland on my wall.

25. I have to give my cat an injection of insulin twice a day. She's also on a special diet.

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