Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pebs = Procrastinator Extraordinaire & Bull Shitter

This weekend, I have been mostly thinking and not doing. By the time I've squeezed out all these bubbling creative juices dry, there'll be an awful mess... ooze all over the place...

I've rearranged my workspace, drilled some holes, joined a new forum, spent some money, spent some more money, and dreamt of spending even more money than that ten times over.

So I've decided I definitely need to sell some of my stuff. I have to get over any modesty, false or real, forget any excuses and just go for it.

So keep watching this space... please ...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

In praise of mullets

One day, the mullet will return. Think about it: it is one of the most practical hairstyles, providing warmth at the back of the neck while the shorter front and sides meaning you are not constantly removing hair from your face.

It's a shame it's unfashionable. It obviously wasn't always the case; and I predict it will return; although probably not until after armageddon when no-one will care about fashion and we will only have rats teeth for scissors. Mark my words you'll be grateful for your mullet then.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back for good - or bad, not fussy

Hellooooo ... to 2008.

Last day of the holidays here and I'm getting really sick of the chrissie decs so they may get taken down today.

I'm in that panicky phase after the realisation that I've been off work for almost 2 weeks and I've done nothing but lie on the sofa and scratch my arse*

Saw "I am Legend" the other day, was pretty enjoyable. did lots of shopping and thinking and daydreaming - so what else is new?

*not entirely accurate

New Year ... New Me?

Happy New Year!

Well it's my last day off today (Scottish workers get an extra bank holiday for Hogmanay - not that they're reinforcing stereotypes or anything... ) so it's time to catch up, clear out, tidy up and panic in time for returning to work tomorrow.

Actually all those plans for making the most of time off have been wasted as usual. This is the point when I tell myself that lazing around is just as purposeful for its de-stressing benefits ...
The weather has been awful and I've had a cold; but thankfully we forced ourselves to get out on Sunday and drove all the way to Wakefield to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The great draws were the Andy Goldsworthy exhibition and the jewellery craft fair that is taking place until February. Also, it was the only area within driving distance that was going to see fairly decent weather, so we made the effort and it was well worth it! I didn't realise how close to the M1 it is, and how close to a regular hotel I used to stay at in my previous life - doh!

Anyway, the reason I found out about the craft and jewellery exhibition was that I was researching Nick Hubbard. I have a silver ring I bought years ago at a Dazzle craft fair in Glasgow and I wanted to see some of his more recent stuff.

Here's the ring in question: it's oxidised silver, handcrafted - nice!

I remember paying a healthy amount for it at the time but sadly I can't wear it because it's a tiny bit tight - hence my research to find out if I should sell or hoard or wear as a pendant (still not decided!) anyway it turns out this piece was made in 1994, just before he launched his designer jewellery range which makes the whole thing a wee bit more interesting ...

There were lots of other pieces by other artists which I found incredibly interesting too... I left feeling so inspired that I actually had to get my sketchbook out when I got home, and had a sleepless night whirring ideas around inside my brain... fairly unlike me, I have to say.

My evening class has also stirred up repressed creativity which has been buried for what feels like years. I started it in September - enamelling and silversmithing. I have to say it was the silversmithing that caught my attention but I have enjoyed the enamelling a lot too; it gives real satisfaction for a relatively small time investment. I will try to post some pictures up as soon as I work out a good way of photographing it.

I was thinking this morning that I have been dabbling with crafty things (mostly jewellery) for about 24 years now. How scary is that?!

I used to sell bits and bobs to family and friends back when I was about 18, and now I often make things as gifts. I haven't sold anything for years, but that exhibition at YSP inspired me; I've been investigating other courses and possibilities to such an extent that I have been tying myself up in ever tightening knots. I should perhaps stick with what I know and widen the circle gradually...

Watch this space!

Oh and I might fancy a blog revamp at some point too.

My photos of YSP:

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