Friday, December 05, 2008

Closing the Cumberland Gap!

I am unfeasibly excited! The new motorway opens today!

I've been travelling this section for work and pleasure for many years now, and this will take at least 5 minutes every day off my journey to work, I've calculated that as 42 hours a year .... oh I am so chuffed!!

All that plus it will be massively safer than the old situation, the one I felt strongly enough to rant about almost three years ago.

I've seen it develop slowly over the last two years, and all credit to the scheme managers because I think I've only been held up twice and I think that was nothing to do with the roadworks.

I'm so excited I might even go to work early today!!!


Brother Tobias said...

Missed you in November, Pebbles.

Odd thing is that I drive this road quite often, and have never noticed the missing motorway. But Hurrah! (Is that Transport Minister really an Adonis?)

pebblesfromheaven said...

Oops yes it has been a long time hasn't it. I refuse to let it rule my life! I've been letting Flickr do that instead :-P

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