Saturday, October 25, 2008

New goodies in my shop!

Throughout the horrible wet summer (and current horrible wet autumn) I've been dabbling with making earrings and some other stuff, and I decided this morning that the time has come to put some of it up for sale.

I've started with earrings - and why not. They are my favourite thing to make - it's where I started and I keep coming back to it.



Anonymous said...

Very lovely earrings on your main Pebbles From Heaven site. I loved browsing through your shop. Had no idea you had been beavring away making such beautiful and desirable stuff. I wish I was the type to wear earrings, but unfortunately head torches and dangling maps and compasses more my style.
I really like the image on your Home Page - the pebbles and layered rock looks surprisingly like this area where i'm living in North Devon. Will send you a pic. xx

pebblesfromheaven said...

hi Linda... thanks! I must admit I keep the flashier earrings for special occasions.... and the photo on the front page was taken in Brighouse Bay near Kirkudbright on the Solway.

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