Monday, October 20, 2008

Trying the 365 - starting with Penrith Museum

We attended a flint knapping workshop on Sunday - it was fascinating but we'd no chance of making it look as easy as the tutor.

His bench and basket set-up looked (intentionally) as if from another time - so I had another little play with the sepia setting on my camera.

When I reviewed the photos after I got home, I decided this one looked like one that Flickerites might put in their diary or 365 set (ie one photo per day for a year). So, I started my own 365 set. I fully expect it to be like all my diaries throughout my life - I start well and quickly grow bored, but every now & then return for a prolonged burst ... time will tell.


Brother Tobias said...

I envy you this course. After a few (untutored)attempts, I decided that neolithic flint knappers must have been recognisable for their wall eyes and facial scars.

pebblesfromheaven said...

Ha! You are right BT, I wore safety glasses but hit my friend on the nose with a chip from my lump of flint!

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